Choosing a Hockey Stick

Things To Consider When Buying a Hockey Stick

Playing the game of hockey can be the most exciting sport for you. Although there are so many types of hockey, ice and field hockey is loved by so many men and women all over the world. Year in and out, more and more people learn how to play hockey and this makes life better for them all since they get to be involved in new games and also activities. To play ice and field hockey as well as the other types of hockey, it is important for the very best hockey stick to be used. It is mostly advised that inexpensive wood or metal hockey sticks are purchased when you are buying a hockey stick for the very first time.

Left or right handed stick

For ice hockey: Making use of a right handed stick and a left handed hockey stick is not a decision that should just be made. You need to feel very comfortable about the side which you play better with or in. Make sure you choose a hockey stick that you feel comfortable playing. You can find this out by trying to use both sided sticks you take from friends or even the store and try using them.

For field hockey: Both left and right handed players can make use of the very same type of stick because both hands are used to control the stick. These sticks for field hockey come with a grip and shafts, at the end of which is a very flat area plus a curved hook that shows to the right. Players can hold it by making use of the right hand position at the base of its grip with the left one which is near the top of the stick.


For ice hockey: Selecting the right length stick is very necessary and it will noticeably affect your use of the hockey stick. Your hockey stick has to be long enough to get to your chin or close to your chin when you are standing in skates and the stick is in front of you vertically. All hockey sticks are designed to come in standard sizes which include intermediate, senior and junior. And you will select the one that is better for you. The wrong length of the wood will affect your game.

For field hockey: The length of the field hockey twig is very much or closely linked to your skill or height. If you are an expert field hockey player, the hockey stick has to be long to support make your play very easy. It will be best for beginners to rather use a stick that makes use of a stick that can reach a little higher than your waist.

Blade pattern of the hockey stick

For ice hockey: If you have decided to start with flat blade sticks, then your decision should already to be made. If you are going to have a curved bladed stick, then get one that just comes with a slight curve in addition to it. Forehand passing and shooting may be quite easier if you end up having a large curve. However, the back hand passing and shooting is mostly difficult. Try to master the handling and shooting of the essential blade outline even before you move to an advance curve.

For field hockey: These sticks for field hockey come with a grip and shafts, at the end of which is a very flat area plus a curved hook that shows to the right.

Flex – What is it?

This has to do with the measurement of how flexible or stiff the hockey stick you are using it. When you take a shot, the pressure that is applied with the lower hand makes the hockey to curve. This curve is the best, and up to its point due to the fact that it helps your shot when the hockey stick snaps back. One that has most flex which you can still curve even when you shoot again should be considered as the right flex. For your very first stick, going for a standard stick always works out perfectly.

The right hockey stick has a lot to do with how you play. This is why you need to be very careful how you choose your sticks and I hope you enjoyed this article.

Watch the video below we found which also gives a good explanation of choosing a hockey stick.