Eating for Health & Wellness

It’s January as I write this and now is the time traditionally that most of us look ahead to the new year with new goals and resolutions in place. If you’re anything like me, then getting in shape and losing weight is high on the list of things you want to achieve this year.

I previously weighed a slightly obese 17 stones, but as a 6ft man, I’d carried it well. However, looking at myself in the mirror one January morning 7 years ago, I made the commitment to myself that enough was enough and the excess weight had to go.

I tried the useful diet advice; eat less, exercise more, but as a results driven person, I just wasn’t happy that I was only shifting 1 or 2 pounds a week. I wanted more and it was sheer chance that I stumbled across the answer one day…

While browsing Amazon, no not the rainforest, but the colossal internet retail giant, their recommendation engine served up a book by the juicing expert. Intrigued, I clicked through to read the reviews, which gave overwhelming ratings and support to juicing as a way to not only lose weight fat, but to keep it off too. This was key for me. Have you ever lost weight, gained the plaudits, only to put it all (or more) back on again?

I was sold. I ordered a juicing machine and book to go with it and that decision was the start of a 4 stone weight loss journey over 18 months. I’d never tried freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juice before and as someone who doesn’t eat much fruit or veg anyway, I was a little skeptical.

But here’s the thing. While I hate eating celery raw, consuming celery juice, mixed with apple, pear, cucumber and carrot juice, you just don’t taste it. Juicing has changed the way I consume fruit and vegetables.

Losing 4 stones with a healthy juicing lifestyle has given me the following benefits:

I no longer get out of breath doing the simplest of tasks, which included climbing the stairs.

Shopping for clothes is now a pleasure as I know everything will fit like a glove when I get it home. (Before, it was always 50/450 whether I’d bought the right sized jeans, shirts etc)

I feel more energized. Every day.

A juicing lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to only consume raw juice and nothing else (although that is an option to kick start your weight loss). On the contrary, my food intake most days now consists of a raw fruit and vegetable juice for breakfast (or sometimes a smoothie) and the same or maybe a salad for lunch.

For dinner, I have either steamed or grilled mostly to limit saturated fat intake. Just recently however, I’ve started using a low fat fryer to give me extra tasty meal options but without the excess calories. Such self-contained miniature ovens are great for cooking low fat meals if you’re watching your calorie intake. There’s a fryer buyer’s guide site here where you can review what’s available.

If you’ve been overweight in the past but have since lost the excess fat, beware of the gremlins inside your head which will be goading you to have that cake, burger or pizza slice at every opportunity. My point is, it’s all too easy to pile the weight back on if you haven’t formed new eating habits and relationships with your food.

Do you have a weight loss story to share? Get in touch with us and tell us what worked for you. Everyone is different so there’s no one shoes to fit all. I’ve shared what worked for me, now over to you.

Thanks for reading!