The History of Hockey

There are so many sports events and sporting activities all over the world. Hockey is one of these sports and is one of the most popular ones available today.

The history of hockey is almost the same as the history of golf since it is deeply got from any game that has to do with a stick and also a ball or rock that have been in motion for more than 1,000 years.

Hockey is a rough and crude form of sports and they have taken place or have been in existence for many years through South America, Europe and Egypt. Hockey started or began to form its stronger roots all through England in the sixteen and seventeen hundreds.

This was a double-crossing game that mostly brought together the whole village and other teams mostly had up to 100 players and these players mostly played the game through severe injuries and went through many days of playing hockey.

Hockey sports that we are aware of today started to form or develop at Eton University in England when they started formulating rules which was around the 1860s. Increased growth of hockey sports generated in the North of America when new settlers arrived at the continent. In the history of hockey, Montreal was accredited to be the first city that held the first game in the year 1875 by some college students.

The students then began to form more and more leagues and organizations then, rules of the game were also created. The game went on to grow and popularity increased. Hockey became very popular that Montreal offered in the year 1883, the very first World Championship for Ice Hockey. The growth of European hockey went on at the college level with more and more universities went on to form stern rivalries.

Some very dramatic rule changes were put into place that aided the progress of the game to go from ice to the field with 11 players while hockey accessories and equipment started to evolve too. The use of protective equipment also was introduced to include helmets, pads, protective eye shields, and mouth pieces have become better from the early days of hockey history.

It was not unusual not to wear head gear in the game of hockey until some few years ago. The Olympic Games helped to make the popularity of hockey grow more internationally and this led to it being played in the year 1924 at the Olympic Games but at that time, only male teams were permitted to play the game. Canada was one of the safest bets to win the gold medal since they won the very first 6 championships out of 7 gold.

From the late 50s to the 80s, the Soviet Union took over. Even though in the year 1960, the United States won its very 1st gold medal in the history of hockey, it was in the year 1980 “Miracle on Ice” where the American college amateur team beat the highly tipped to win Russian team. Hockey has grown and today, there are so many different types of hockey like ice hockey, inline hockey, field hockey and so many others.

What About Ice Hockey?

Ice hockey is a sport played on ice and it is a team sport. Ice hockey skaters make use of sticks to play this game and it is like the game of soccer where goals are scored in nets. Ice hockey is one of the most popular sports in the North American professional sports. The National Hockey League is the highest for men all over the world. Ice hockey is said to be a very interesting as well as special game which involves a lot of energy and love.

 And Field Hockey…

Field hockey is just like ice hockey. However, field hockey is played on a field and ice hockey on ice. 11 players play this game and there is always a keeper in the goal post. Both teams playing have goal posts.

It is important for hockey players to sleep very well, exercise and also eat very well. The key in making your hockey life the best is by following the right training schedules. Also, exercise more and try to adapt to extreme situations.


Here’s a great documentary film if you want to know more!